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Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental Rugs Deserve the Best Care

Oriental rugs are considered to be superior of all types of rugs, which is why they deserve the best care available. After all, you would have spent a substantial sum of money to purchase the Oriental rug so taking proper care is a responsibility. Regardless of the kind of rug you have, it is subject to damage through dust, dirt, stains and people walking over it. 

At Queens Carpet Cleaner, we have the experts and the tools required to deal with the damage to Oriental rugs. We offer professional repair and cleaning services to restore your rugs to their best condition. 

The Range of Services We Offer

The Oriental rug care and cleaning services we offer aren't limited to simple scrubbing and washing. We have a specially built facility where the rugs are cleaned and repaired. There we have the equipment and cleaning products used for the job. 

Queens Carpet Cleaner offers a wide range of services such as removing stains and spots, reweaving rugs, controlling growth of mildew, patching up the holes, removing or adding fringes and re-warping the binding on the rug. We also repair any minor slits or tears which are ruining the look of your Oriental rug. 

You can get all this and much more at Queens Carpet Cleaner. We guarantee 100% satisfaction and you will see it when you received your Oriental rug cleaned and repaired. Call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner right away to have your Oriental rugs cleaned and repaired. 

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The coupons for all the services are just amazing. I feel like I won the lottery. A super clean for my couches and I saved so much money.