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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Caring for Valuable Treasures

For some people, an Oriental rug is more than a mere adornment. It is a treasure which has to be valued. At Queens Carpet Cleaner, we understand the value people attach to their Oriental rugs and provide adequate services to care for them. 

Regardless of how finely woven or durable a rug is, it is bound to be worn out with the passage of time. It comes to lose its sheen and splendor, the qualities which would have attracted you towards it in the first place. Don't worry, because we have the solution you are looking for. With our cleaning services, we restore the look and feel of your valuable piece. 

A Thorough Cleaning Process

Most of the rugs that come to us are damaged by dirt and other pollutants. To make sure we clean the rug thoroughly, we carry out an initial assessment of the job. Our experts have the knowledge, expertise and experience to inspect the rug from thread to thread. We even provide a free consultation should you choose to get a free estimate. 

Our thorough cleaning process enables us to clean your Oriental rug completely without causing any problems. Call us to get the best Oriental rug cleaning services. 

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Rachel Greenberg, Queens Village

Even though I just had my Sofa cleaned, I feel like my whole house is looking and smelling its best. I am so impressed with the level of service and knowledge from the technicians. I definitely got value for my money.