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Leather Furniture Cleaning

Maintain Luxury & Beauty

At Queens Carpet Cleaner, we work with you to help create the leather cleaning service you need. 

We offer a wide arrange of cleaning options that both maintain and protect the beauty of your leather. We employ only experienced, skilled cleaning technicians to work with your piece.

Our leather cleaning Queens treatment offers you the protection and care you need for your valuable leather.

Avoid Severe Damages

Various factors lead to leather that dries out, cracks, blisters, fades and just simply wears down. Most of these damages come from excess dirt and set in stains built up in your furniture. 

Some of these damages, however, come from over exposure to sunlight, heat and pets and guests. Our leather cleaning treatment removes the threats so your enjoy damage free leather.

Clean, Protected & Gorgeous

We clean your leather using only premium, non-toxic green cleaning products. These cleaning products remove stains, dirt and allergens using natural ingredients found only in nature. They leave you with a complete clean that does not harm your leather, family or natural environment.

We apply moisturizing conditioners enriched with essential oils to protect the quality of your leather and enhance its look. They leave you with a soft and supple feel and bright new sheen. 

Our leather cleaning Queens service helps protect and clean your valuable furniture. Call Queens Carpet Cleaner to book your appointment now.

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Kendal Roberts, Little Neck

Our puppy seriously damaged our rugs. Between the accidents, claw tears and teething messes, I never thought our rugs would come back to life. But you guys gave us a deep clean and such a high quality repair service. Our rugs look perfect and smell so clean.