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When Regular Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Isn't Enough

Between your pets, children and guests, your carpets and upholstery take a beating. Accidents from your pet, spills from your children and dirt dragged in on shoes leave behind stains and smells.

Unfortunately, regular carpet and upholstery cleaning won't completely remove the toughest stains and smells. You need a professional odor and stain removal treatment to clean the problem completely. 

We Erase Tough Stains, Eliminate Odors

Queens Carpet Cleaner skilled technicians use non-toxic, green products and industrial equipment to eliminate the hard-to-remove stains and pet odors from your carpet and upholstery.

After evaluating the problem area in your home, our technicians will work with you to define a comprehensive carpet and upholstery odor and stain removal plan to remove stains and smells completely.

Future Stain, Odor Prevention

Since we dedicate our time to the quality of your carpets and upholstery, we highly recommend adding our ScotchGuard service to your cleaning plan. ScotchGuard's stain repellant coat protects your carpets and upholstery from future stains. With ScotchGuard protection your carpets and upholstery maintain their clean look and quality for longer.

When our technicians finish your odor and stain removal treatment, your house will look, feel and smell clean and fresh again.



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