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Dangerous, Unhealthy Bed Guests 

At Queens Carpet Cleaning we offer a professional mattress cleaning service in Queens to remove all mystery guests from your bed. Believe it or not, unpleasant visitors live and dwell in your mattress including germs, viruses, bed bugs, dust mites and other bacteria. These unpleasant visitors lead to serious health risks like asthma, allergies and respiratory illness. Let the experts at Queens Carpet Cleaning eliminate 100% of all dangerous and unpleasant bed guests with our safe, complete mattress cleaning service. 

Bed Bugs, Dust Mites On the Rise 

A recent study conducted in New York and surrounding neighborhoods reported an increased number of bed bug infestations in private homes, motels and hotels, and college dorms. These blood sucking insects live in mattresses and bed frames and feast on your arms, necks and ankles while you sleep. They make a mess of your home and need immediate removal. 

Dust mites also make for unpleasant company in your mattress. This tiny critter lives deep in your bed and eats all dry, dead skin cells. They live comfortable in stable environments where humans live.

Queens Carpet Cleaning offers you a healthy, safe mattress cleaning service to restore the health and cleanliness in your bed.  

Safe, Healthy Mattress Cleaning Service 

Our mattress cleaning service uses all-natural, non-toxic green products to eliminate viruses, bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs safely and completely. These products work deep into the seams and springs and leave you with a fresh, clean space to sleep. 

Our technicians perform a series of extraction and saturation methods to ensure a complete mattress cleaning service. These methods kill the threats and refresh your bed easily and professionally. 

Trust Queens Carpet Cleaning to give you the complete, safe mattress cleaning service you need. We work to remove the nightmares so you have nothing but sweet dreams in your bed.   

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