"Our puppy seriously damaged our rugs. Between the accidents, claw tears and teething messes, I never thought our rugs would come back to life. But you guys gave us a deep clean and such a high quality repair service. Our rugs look perfect and smell so clean."

Kendal Roberts, Little Neck
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Deodorizing Treatment

Stinky Odors, Smells Upsetting your Home?

Queens Carpet Cleaning offers you a complete, professional deodorizing service to remove the toughest smells all over your home. From pet messes, mysteries dragged in on shoes and spills from parties, your carpets, area rugs and upholstery start a collection of smelly odors that offend the beauty of your home. Trust our trained, experienced technicians to remove all unwanted, offensive odors with our professional deodorizing treatment. 

Complete, Professional Odor Removal 

Our trained technicians start all deodorizing treatments with an in-depth examination of the problem area. From there, they select the appropriate green product and cleaning method to remedy the problem. All our green cleaning products feature all natural ingredients that penetrate deep into the stain. Our products neutralize the odors by breaking down and eliminating all stain particles.  

When we finish your professional deodorizing service, you can enjoy a renewed freshness and clean throughout your home. 

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